High paying, great quality jobs

exist in the Shipbuilding & Repair Industry!

Diverse employment opportunities exist from manufacturing trades, engineering, design, software development, data analysis, material management, robotics... we could go on and on!




As a student, there are lots of resources and opportunities to get into the exciting field of shipbuilding. Depending upon where you are in your academic adventure, there are various levels of engagement and involvement. See some of the resources below for more information.

High School
(Applications Accepted August – November)
High School and College




As a veteran there are specific services and opportunities that exist to help facilitate your expertise and knowledge! You have acquired familiarity and training that can be directly applied to your future career. Your continuation of service and dedication to the country provides you an advantage on the civilian side within the shipbuilding community. The state of Virginia is actively working on providing specific opportunities, see some of those below.

*All of these are programs through either the state of Virginia and/or locally within Hampton Roads




Regardless of your previous experience within the private sector, there are opportunities within the shipbuilding community that can provide you a new, exciting, and engaging job that you look forward to every day. Don’t be discouraged or count yourself out from these great opportunities. Regardless of your previous experiences look below to see where you could find your new opportunity!